Traditio Scalabriniana, June 2019 issue is online

Reflections, experiences and deepening from three members of the Scalabrinian Family

We present the June 2019 issue of Traditio Scalabriniana.

From the introduction:

Saying traditio is recognizing that none of us is the first to begin in the mission entrusted to us. We all receive the message and are called to do our part, then to pass it on again. In receiving and passing on, we are asked to care especially for the deep motivations that moved John Baptist Scalabrini, founder and/or inspiring figure of our institutes, as well as of many friends who refer to him. (…)

  • Elements for a Sapiential Way of Interpreting Migration, a deepening by Fr. Alfredo J. Gonçalves, was inspired by the formation course for young missionaries held in Piacenza in June last year, the last one before the general chapter;
  • The testimony of Monica Martinelli, The Synod: “Church: Gathering of all Peoples”. Migrants, Precious Collaborators of God’s Plan, collected the experience made by the Central Commission of the Synod and also shared by Fr. René Manenti;
  • Biblical-Theological Reflections on the Phenomenon of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation, prepared by Sr. Elizabeth Pedernal, is the fruit of various meetings in which she participated as a general counselor and, in particular, of a recent trip to the Philippines.