Social Communications

Social Communications

Scalabrinian Press Federation

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«To better serve the migrants, the Congregation fosters and promotes the use of mass media, prepares personnel for this task and works with those who pursue the same goals»

Rules of Life, 28

The Scalabrinian press Federation (SPF) unites and coordinates the Scalabrinian headings, which are published in different places and for different purposes: from parish bulletins to scientific journals, from the Congregation’s magazine to publications aimed at informing and sensitizing public opinion.


Acontecer Migratorio

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A complete list of periodicals and magazines


radio comunicazioni sociali

In those countries especially where distances are significant and where those who are entrusted to their care are spread out over a vast territory (e.g.: Brazil and Australia), the Scalabrinian missionaries make use of modern means of communication, such as radio and television programs. In southern Brazil, the missionaries are even the proprietors of radio stations.

The broadcasts make it possible to reach listeners not only with useful information, quiet moments of prayer and light entertainment, but also with the Gospel message, by means of reflections, meditations and the celebration of Mass.

List of radio and TV broadcasts


Web radio “On the Move”


The Web represents a new and particularly useful tool for spreading information and as a platform for information, exchanges and contacts at the local and world levels.

The Scalabrini Congregation, present in 34 countries and constantly in touch with the dispersion caused by migration, uses this tool to communicate within and among its provinces and regions, as well as for pastoral ministry (parish websites), as information and sensitization channel (e.g. the websites of the Centers of Study), and as a reference point for encounters and communications for youth activities (e.g. youth movements, media and culture).



ScalaMusic is the Scalabrinian Missionaries’ project to promote Christian music. It gathers and forms musical talents favoring their creativity in themes related to the world of human mobility. This association was born officially on May 21, 2008; its artists, however, have been active in creating common projects, in productions and shows since 2005.