Carissimi confratelli,

Il confratello scalabriniano P. Martin Ignacio Gutiérrez, dall’Australia, chiede che ci uniamo alla sua comunità parrocchiale invocando il Beato Scalabrini, con una novena, per le persone sotto indicate.

On the 3rd November at Holy Spirit Parish, New Farm we will start the Novena to Blessed John Baptist Scalabrini for the following sick people:

1)    Josie Mangano (She has chronic Parkinson and she can’t talk and walk with difficulties).
2)    Ronald Francis Hambleton   (He has leukemia)
3)    Joyce Edith Hambleton (She has Dementure).
4)    Julie Joy Hambleton   (She has been diagnosed 1 week ago with Monoclonal B-cell lymphocytosis. It is a form of  chronic leukemia).
5)   Joanne Cabrini Mc Lean (She had breast cancer and she had chemotherapy from July up to October in this year. On 4th November she will start Radiation therapy).
6)    Ivan Rego (He has heart problems, kidney problems, asthma and prostate problems)
7)    Nathaniel Minh Tran ( He is a 2 years old boy and he had retinoblastoma in both eyes since he was 2 months old. One eye has been removed and the doctors want to remove the other as well).
8)    Stella Becerra (She has leukemia)


P. Gabriele Bentoglio, cs
Postulatore generale