Traditio Scalabriniana, June 2018 issue is online

Reflections, experiences and deepening from three members of the Scalabrinian Family

We present the June 2018 issue of Traditio Scalabriniana.

From the introduction:

This special edition of Traditio Scalabriniana represents a minor step in the sense that this publication in the future will be available in at least the four most important languages for our service to migrants: Italian, English, Portuguese and Spanish. (…)

Firstly, we present both in Portuguese and English a biblical study of Anna Fumagalli, secular missionary, who tries to weave the threads of the narration of Jacob’s dream with those of the image found on the episcopal coat of arms of J.B. Scalabrini: “A ladder rested on the earth, while its top reached the sky; and behold, the angels of God ascended and descended upon it.” (Gen 28:10-22).

Then, we invite you to read in Spanish and Italian the testimony of Fr. Gelmino Costa cs on “The welcome of the Haitians in Manaus – an account based on faith”. It is a living encounter between the needy migrant and the Scalabrinian missionary: symbol and model of pastoral care of the Scalabrinian family and of the Church in the world of migration

Finally, we return in Italian and English the article by Sister Leocadia Mezzomo mscs on “Blessed Mother Assunta. Some traits of her spirituality”. Spirituality that, plunging its roots in the heart of the Father, unfolds tirelessly in the service of the poor and migrants, with particular attention to orphaned children.