Traditio Scalabriniana, November 2018 issue is online

Reflections, experiences and deepening from three members of the Scalabrinian Family

We present the November 2018 issue of Traditio Scalabriniana.

From the introduction:

Migration is in our times a world-wide phenomenon, it is where the point of reference why we, as Scalabrinian existed, to respond effectively as missionaries to this phenomenon. An immediate consequence of this situation is the challenge to the Church to be more missionary, to go to meet the foreign brother and sister, to respect him or her, to bear witness, in this context, to his/her faith and his/her charity, and to accept the other positive contribution. (…)

The article Scalabrinian Spirit in 1914 and 2018, written by Fr. Peter Polo, cs, gives us the glimpse of the historical path on Scalabrinian formation and spirituality with the allusion to their field of mission. (…)

In her article The Lord makes history in the Scalabrinian charism, sr. Zélia Carolina Ornaghi, mscs, explores how Scalabrinian Sisters grow in living and witnessing the charism inherited from the founder. (…)

The article of Maria Grazia Luise, mss, A God who descends and “becomes a ladder upside down”, tries to deepen our perspective of life, a life that is a continuous exodus and can only have its meaning when it is centered in Jesus Christ.