Lay Scalabrinians

Lay Scalabrinians

Un gruppo di laici scalabriniani durante un convegno internazionale

On April 12, 1880, J. B. Scalabrini established the Saint Raphael Patronage Society to extend the network of assistance and protection to emigrants, already active in Europe, in Italy, especially in the ports of departure and arrival during the massive exodus of the second half of the 1800s.

Following Scalabrini’s beatification in 1997, a renewed interest in, and appreciation of, Scalabrini’s person and providential vision have motivated the birth of the Lay Scalabrinian Movement.

The same missionary Charism

Lay Scalabrinians are men and women, both adults and young, who, following a period of Scalabrinian missionary formation, commit themselves to the work of evangelization in the local church in synergy with Scalabrinian Missionary Priests, Brothers and Sisters.

There are guided by the same prophetic Charism and by the same compassion for migrants and refugees regardless of culture, religion, language or administrative situation.

The movement, still in an experimental stage, has already organized some regional, national and world encounters, considered decisive for a return of the lay commitment in developing, updating and renewing the Scalabrinian service to the Church.

Within the Lay Movement there are also volunteers and Lay Scalabrinian Missionaries, who spend a set amount of time with migrants and refugees in their own countries or abroad.

Region Blessed John Baptist Scalabrini (Europe/Africa)

Province of St. John the Baptist (North and Central America)

Province of St. Paul, now part of the Region Our Lady Mother the Migrants (South America)

Province of Saint Frances Cabrini (Asia/Australia)

Province of St. Charles Borromeo (North and South America and Caribbean Basin)