Ecclesial Organisms

Ecclesial Organisms


Scalabrinian presence

The Scalabrinian missionaries are present in the national offices of pastoral ministry for human mobility in the Episcopal conferences of Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, Philippines, France, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

They are also present in the Dicastery for promoting Integral Human Development  and in other diocesan pastoral offices.

National Episcopal Conferences

Scalabrinians and Ecclesial Organisms

The Congregation’s first Congress, dedicated to the confrères who work in ecclesial organisms, was held in Buenos Aires on February 6 – 10, 2015. It is one of the specific sectors wherein the Congregation is increasingly investing more personnel and resources, since it constitutes the strategic field for the specificity of the Scalabrinian Charism.

The aim of the Congress was to pinpoint the principles and objectives aimed at inspiring the Scalabrinian service to the ecclesial organisms, searching for common methods and strategies, choosing adequate means and resources to coordinate this sector.

50 Scalabrinian missionaries working in 20 Episcopal conferences in different ecclesiastical regions and dioceses of America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe are operating alongside the dioceses seeking to respond to the many challenges, at times difficult and even risky, caused by those who have already emigrated and by those who today are trying to migrate, by those who are rejected, mostly where migrations have become a mass phenomenon of an unstoppable urge in spite of rigid controls at the borders and within each country.

Exceptional guest of honor for almost the entire duration of the Buenos Aires Congress was the Bishop of San Marcos, a diocese situated on the border between Guatemala and Mexico, where the flow of those wishing to reach North America or are rejected by affluent countries is eminently pressing. His courageous Gospel-inspired and strong stands could expose him to the same risk and fate as Oscar Romero’s. He stated that the presence of the Scalabrinians on either side of the border in Guatemala and Mexico encourage him to continue his mission.

The visit of the then Cardinal Jorge M. Bergoglio, Archbishop of Buenos Aires and primate of the Church in Argentina was also particularly gratifying.