Traditio Scalabriniana, November issue is online

Reflections, experiences and deepening from three members of the Scalabrinian Family

Next to St. Charles Borromeo’s Feast day, we present to you November 2017 online issue of the Traditio Scalabriniana.

From Presentation:

Twenty years after the beatification of Bishop John Baptist Scalabrini (November 9, 1997), it is just fitting to take a glimps; to look back, to look around us, and to look at the future. (…)

Firstly, Fr. Grabriele Bentoglio, cs, writes on The Spirit of Pentecost and evangelization in the construction of the unique family of God’s peoples. (…)

Then comes the reflection of Sr. Ana Marku, mscs, Spirituality and Incarnation. What I’ve discovered so far. Jesting a bit with the words, we could say that through the mystery of the Incarnation, God descends, so that we can ascend (…).

Finally, Filomena Marro, mss, offers us her testimony: The Eucharist, leaven of transformation. The author’s question is directed at the heart of the human person and her/his own story: “What can transformation do in place to action if we do not let ourselves be involved, if we do not let ourselves be transformed first?”.