History Of The Scalabrinian Congregation

The revision and digitization of the first Volume of the History of the Scalabrinian Congregation by Fr. Mario Francesconi is available

In the period under study we shall be given the opportunity to see in what way and with what rapidity a project began to take shape, bold and timely at the same time, yet still uncertain and undefined, as it was facing a series of new problems within the framework of an unpredictable social and psychological context.

In this volume father Mario Francesconi tells the story of the scalabrinian congregation during the early years, the period of time intercurring between the summers 1886-1888, when plans were drawn up, the Congregation was founded, mission fields were prepared, and the first missionaries departed for America.

History of the Scalabrinian Congregation - Volume I

«This book illustrates the providential intervention of the Bishop of Piacenza in relation to the phenomenon of human mobility: «It was Bishop Scalabrini’s foremost merit to have responded with promptness and generosity to this calling – father Francesconi states – No less praiseworthy was his effort to envision the problem in all its implications, and to draw up immediate plans for an organic program that would not allow his action to remain a palliative, but that would rather bring about a radical solution, though on so small a scale as consented by the poverty of means».