Traditio Scalabriniana, new issue online

Reflections, experiences and deepening from three members of the Scalabrinian family

The November issue of Traditio Scalabriniana is online with subsidies for the deepening with contributions of three members of the Scalabrini family. This time it’s Marianne Buch, father Sidnei Marco Dornelas and sister Myrna Tordillo.

From the introduction:

First, Marianne Buch, mss, German: on her testimony, entitled I never imagined, emerges the migrants as «hidden and providential builders of universal fraternity emerged from her personal story of emigration».

Fr. Sidnei Marco Dornelas, cs, directs our gaze in a double horizon: a mission to the migratory context and spirituality as a reflection and enlightenment of the same. His article, Espiritualidade para a missão inter gentes junto aos migrantes, is filled with elements that can enhance the action and the missionary spirit of every person who works in the field of human mobility.

Finally, Sr. Myra Tordillo, mscs, deepens the life, work and writings of Blessed Bishop Giovanni Baptist Scalabrini, in the context of the Industrial Revolution and the great migrations from Europe in the second half of the nineteenth century and beginning of the century XX. This clearly outlines his theological faith, a Eucharistic spirituality and its practical application and evangelical witness, particularly for the cause of Italian emigrants.

The timing may not be more appropriate for such contributions. For example, from the beginning of 2015, about half a million people attempted to break all barriers to search in the old European continent a place in the sun. They are from Africa, the Middle East and Asia. But this is no more than an aspect of the phenomenon of migration as a whole. Everywhere, migrants are in movement. With their feet, voices and dreams, they march and write history. They invite us also to a permanent march through the streets of this foreign land in search of the ultimate homeland.